This is the first giant part of the project. Even with multiple people working on this it’s going to take a long time as we want a full Bestiary for this world. This is going to include every single MOB there can be in this world, including non-player races such as orcs, goblins, etc.

The only mob that won’t be included are legendary mobs.

Keep in mind there will be a separate entry for every different variation of mob. For example we’ll have entries such as “Kobold Mage” as well as “Kobold Warrior” or we’ll have an entry for “Gutterskulk” as well as an entry for “Greater Gutterskulk”

For mobs that will be seen at various different levels instead of just one, make sure you represent their stats in relation to their level, e.g. Health = 20+2*Level, AC = 15+4*Level. Also label abilities that are only available at certain levels of the mob. This will most often be used for humanoids such as “Orc Bladewhirler”

Finally here is everything needed to include in your mob:
1. Monster Name
2. Level (If seen at various levels label it as ??)
3. Role (Describe it’s preferred combat tactics)
- Artillery monsters excel at ranged combat. These creatures rain arrows, explosive fireballs, and similar attacks on the party from a distance. They’re well protected against ranged attacks, but more vulnerable in melee. They often spread damage out over multiple characters in an area.
- Brute monsters specialize in dealing damage in melee. Brutes have relatively low defenses but high hit points. They don’t hit as often as other monsters, but they deal a lot of damage when they hit. They don’t move around a lot, and they’re often big.
- Skirmisher monsters use mobility to threaten the player characters. Their combat statistics define the baseline for monsters, but their mobility is their defining feature.
- Soldier monsters specialize in drawing the characters’ attacks and defending other monsters. They have high defenses and average hit points. Their attacks are accurate, but they don’t do exceptional damage. They tend not to move around, and they often have powers that hinder other creatures from moving around them.
- Controller monsters manipulate their enemies or the battlefield to their advantage. They restrict enemy options or inflict lasting conditions, alter terrain or weather, or bend the minds of their adversaries.
- Lurker monsters have some ability that lets them avoid attacks, whether by striking from hiding or by turning into an invulnerable statue while regaining strength. They usually deliver one devastating attack every few rounds, while concentrating on defense in between.
- Elite monsters are tougher than standard monsters and constitute more of a threat than standard monsters of their main role and level. An elite monster counts as two monsters of its level.
- Solo monsters are specifically designed to appear as single opponents against a group of PCs of the same level. They function, in effect, as a group of monsters. They have more hit points in order to absorb the damage output of multiple PCs, and they deal more damage in order to approximate the damage output of a group of monsters.
4. Size and Reach (Below is just the standard, feel free to make your own sizes and reach)
Tiny – Space — and Reach 0
Small – Space 1×1 and Reach 1
Medium – Space 1×1 and Reach 1
Large – Space 2×2 and Reach 1-2
Huge – Space 3×3 and Reach 2-3
Gargantuan – Space 4×4 or larger and Reach 3-4
5. Type (Elemental, Dargon, Slime, Demon, Goblin etc. you know what I mean)
6. Experience Points (How much xp is granted for killing it)
7. Stats
-Hit Points
-AC, Fortitude, Reflex, and Will
-Saving Throw Bonus (Not all will have these, mostly humanoids)
-Action Points (Not all will have these, keep in mind that unlike players they can use more than 1 per turn)
-Skills (If they are trained in a skill put it here, dont repeat perception since it’s above)
-Ability Scores and Modifiers
Ability Score________Ability Modifier
______6-7_____________-2 + level/2
_____ 8-9_____________-1 + level/2
_____10-11____________0 + level/2
_____12-13____________1 + level/2
_____14-15____________2 + level/2
_____16-17____________3 + level/2
8. Actions (At-Wills, Encounters, Dailies, Recharge, and Recharge When)
-Type of Actions (Standard, Minor, Free, Move)
-Targets (If any)
-Attack (If it’s an attack, attackroll vs Reflex/AC/WIll/Fortitude)
-Hit (What it does if it hits)
-Effects (If any other effects)
-Miss (Some attacks may do something if they miss, specify here)
-Attack Roll Bonus
9. Other abilities (Aura’s, passives, etc)
10. Languages
11. Hostile or Passive or Depends
12. Brief Description (Try to say where they are found and give us a good idea of what they look like, if you have a picture in mind, go ahead and include it)

Feel free to make everything on your own but if you know your desired Level, Role, and Ability Scores, this generates standard stats for creatures.

You can find inspiration and details here , probably try the Monster Manuals although many of the books have monsters.


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