Alright folks, this is the to do list and this is the order we are doing things in. I, Tristan Özkan, am now GM and this is our project “To make a D&D world to explore, loot and adventure in!” This will be a 4th Edition World.

All work will be done however you would like, submitted to me through skype (i’ll get some kind of dropbox running soon), and then I will most likely approve it and add it to the appropriate page on this site as official entry. If I’m going to make changes to what you submitted I will let you know. I will NOT review incomplete items, if you submit content it needs to have all the details I have specified.

I obviously can’t stop you from working on any of these out of order but I won’t review anything for approval that is not what we are currently working on. It is also likely I won’t have the specifics of what needs to be done posted for parts we are not on yet. Also some things later on the list are dependent on things we are suppose to get done first. Point is I wont discuss parts we aren’t at yet and any work you do on them are subject to heavy change by the time we get to it.

You can find most of the 4e D&D books here

To do:
1. Deity Descriptions

2. Kingdom descriptions

3. Bestiary

4. Player Races

5. Player Classes

6. Backgrounds

7. Other Abilities

8. Loot

9. Kingdom Maps

10. Town Maps and Description

11. Capital City Maps and Description

12. Dungeons

13. Random Encounter Maps

14. Encounters


16. Quests

17. Campaigns

Signed on:
Tristan Özkan
Ibaad Hussain
Nicholas Smith
Ben DeGroot
Erik Skaug
Nathan Henriquez
Devon Valko-Dib

Adventures of Flame and Blade